How to Get More Free Spins and Coins With Daily Links

Coin Master is gaining its reputation as a popular mobile game with many opportunities for players such as at . Coin Master rolls out free spins and coins to players on a daily basis through links. You can gather the free spins and coins through the official social media pages of Coin Master. All spins and coins are tested first before being updated to work.

Are There Other Ways to Get Free Spins and Coins?

Yes. You do not have to only depend on the daily links to earn more free spins and coins. There are a variety of techniques you can use to get more free spins and coins at Coin Master. The first trick involves inviting Facebook friends. By inviting a friend to play the game, you can earn up to 40 free spins with the game.

Your friend must first accept the invite while downloading the game by logging into their Facebook account tied with the game. Another way is by gifting your friends with free spins and coins. It is a technique that does not make you loose on any of your personal spins. On a daily basis, you can gift your friends up to 100 free spins.

  • Five free spins over an hour
  • The longer you wait, the more spins you get
  • Optimize for maximum spins

How Do You Bet on Coin Master?

After accumulating a large number of spins, you can be free to perform bets. By increasing the size of your bet, each spin on the slot machine spends several multiple spins. Furthermore, you end up increasing the chances of winning more larger bets. The bets end up multiplying the rewards you can earn from the slot machines using the free spins at the game.

Village building is one technique you need to learn when building levels on Coin Master. Each level calls for constructing up to five buildings. Furthermore, you need to upgrade each of the buildings on the level to a five star rating. It is the only way you can advance to the next level on the village. You end up upgrading the costs for building.

Are There Any Tips to Use?

There are various tips you can use to get more free spins and coins when playing Coin Master. The first tip is avoiding hoarding any of your coins during the game. It is important to note that there are constant village raids and attacks from other players. Hoarding your gold only leaves you susceptible to raids and attacks from other players within the game.

Performing Raids and attacks

Attacking a village that has protection makes it possible to mine up to a standard of 50,000 coins. You can increase the amount when you have hatched your pets which starts at section 4. You can get more rewards when a village has no form of protection or defense. You can use the Foxy unlocked that acts as your pet that helps in digging the fourth hole.

  • Use the Foxy unlocked
  • You need to dig three holes

How Can I Keep My Pets Active?

Unlocking the fourth village comes with some rewards such as hatching pets. There are three pets within the game that result in more bonuses brought to the table. It is only able to keep one active pet. The pets levels up within every use that helps you get better with time. Using the pets wisely within the game will result in more rewards.

What About Buying Chest in Villages?

Single cards does not come with bonuses hence you need to complete the entire card collection. When entering into a new village, you should collect as many chests as possible. Going through the lower village levels means it becomes more difficult to get. Therefore, complete the card collection when going through the low levels. Do not get to a point of using your joker to replace a common card.